Treat Your Hair With Care


Your hair can be your greatest accessory. You may think that some people have great hair naturally. This may be true to an extent. But have you really cared for your hair? Show your hair some love and affection with these tips and hair masks.

Tips For Hair Care

  1. For treating dandruff, mix lemon juice and white vinegar in a bowl. Apply on scalp and wash after ten minutes. Doing this twice or thrice a week will be of great help. Too much oil in the hair and drying-spa treatments can worsen dandruff.

  2. Blow drying or chemical treatments like rebonding, perming, curling, etc. has the potential to damage your hair. If you do get your hair chemically treated, take care to avoid spa treatment, as this may lead to hair fall and alopecia.

  3. Natural hair spas using items from your kitchen can do wonders for your hair. Ingredients ranging from avocados, milk, yogurt, reetha, shikakai, olive oil, castor oil, lemon, eggs, beer, white vinegar, fruits, etc. can be included depending on your hair type and scalp condition.

  4. Add luster and bounce to your hair by rinsing with beer. Lemon helps in maintaining the pH level of your scalp. It is also an excellent remedy for dandruff and excessive oil.

  5. Apply warm, not hot oil on your hair. After shampooing apply conditioner on your hair, but never on the roots. Comb your hair only after it has dried well.

  6. Include enough water, fresh fruits, green leafy vegetables, curd, walnuts and flaxseeds in your diet for healthy hair. Say no to smoking and alcohol. Good sleep and regular exercise also play an important role in having a beautiful mane.

Hair Masks

Your hair might be fed up of the chemicals in those store bought products. For a change try something natural and homemade. Make use of the following hair masks to rejuvenate your hair.

For Normal Hair

Yogurt and Papaya: Make a paste of yogurt and papaya. Apply on hair and scalp, and leave for ten minutes. Rinse well and cover your hair with a hot towel. Apply a hair pack of gooseberry or henna and keep for another ten minutes. Finally wash and apply conditioner.

For Dry Hair

1. Banana, Honey and Milk: Mix a tablespoon each of honey and milk powder with a ripe banana and 2 drops of rosemary essential oil. Apply on your hair and scalp and keep for fifteen minutes. Rinse with a herbal shampoo and apply conditioner.

2. Banana and Yogurt: Combine a ripe banana and yogurt in a bowl. Apply on hair and leave for ten minutes. Wash off and steam your hair with the help of a wet towel. Apply gooseberry or henna and let it rest for ten minutes. Wash and apply conditioner.

For Oily Hair

Beer, White vinegar and Yogurt: Add the needed amount of beer and white vinegar to yogurt. Make a paste and apply on hair. Let it sit for ten minutes. Rinse well and apply a hot towel for steaming. Apply gooseberry or henna and keep for ten minutes. Wash and use serum.

For Hair Fall

Milk powder, lemon and coconut milk: Take 2 tablespoons of coconut milk, 1 tablespoon of milk powder and the juice of half a lemon in a bowl. Add 2 drops of lavender essential oil to this. Apply on your hair, and keep for twenty minutes. Wash with a natural shampoo and apply a protein conditioner if your hair is not too oily.