Tips For A Tidy Room


It is very frustrating to see a messy room. And communicating this problem to your child and making them see why it is important to keep their room clean is surely a task. It is one of those talks that can really cement the relationship between parent and child.

However, before you begin to discipline your child, ask yourself the following questions

  • Which one of you needs the room to be clean now? More often than not, it is the parent. The child generally has little or no motivation at all. Understanding your child’s perspective can really help you communicate your reasons effectively too.

  • Are you expecting too much out of a little child? Smaller ones love to help but are they really ready to clean an entire room? It is a big responsibility and a big chore and will definitely take time for your child to learn

  • Are you consistently communicating this problem to your child? Make sure that your child knows, as often as possible, that a messy room is a bad idea. Condition them into understanding that a clean and a tidy room is always better. In the initial stages, give them personal attention and also appreciate their work.

Here are some tips you can use once you have asked yourself the above questions.

  1. Consider the messy room as an opportunity to parent each of your kids more responsibly.

  2. Go easy on the toddlers. Give them one task at a time.

  3. Help the little ones more and and step back with the older ones.

  4. Make cleaning a step-by-step process. Ask them to pick up all the shoes first, or clean up the books area first.

  5. Have sometime allocated over the weekend to clean up the room.

  6. Forewarn your kid that you will conduct a ‘room check’ once or twice a week.