Thinking About Skipping Your Workout? Think Again…


Can you think of your body as a machine? As a machine needs oiling for proper functioning, the body needs workouts or exercise to be healthy and efficient. When you neglect your workouts, here is what happens to your body.

If You Have Missed Workout for a Few Days

Skipping workout for a few days might not affect your body badly. Your body will possibly take the opportunity to mend your muscles and get stronger. But spending those days sitting on the couch with a combination of unhealthy food is certainly not recommended.

If You Have Missed Workout for a Week

You might not feel a great difference by neglecting workout for a week. Your ability to exercise will not change significantly either. But your muscle fibers will start to diminish and your body will hold on to some extra fluids to put up with the change.

If You Have Missed Workout for a Couple of Weeks

Now you begin to notice the changes. The mitochondria that provide energy to your muscle cells will begin to dwindle and your cardio endurance will weaken. Climbing the stairs could seem a bit difficult.

If You Have Missed Workout for a Month

The circadian rhythm of your body might get disrupted leading to sleep problems and unwanted stress. The body will gain more fat thereby reducing lean muscle mass.

If You Have Missed Workout for a Few Months

Your metabolism gets slower and feeling tired becomes a common occurrence. The heart has to work harder and the lungs are unable to absorb the amount of oxygen they used to.

If You Have Missed Workout for a Year

Body-fat percentage increases with a complete loss of muscle. Grave health problems like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, insomnia and depression could plague you.