The Science Of Detox Diet


What is detox?
A detox diet help to release toxins from your body. It is essential to nourish your body with natural food and get rid of deposited toxins from your body. You can easily follow a detox diet once in a month.

In the earlier days, people used to fast to get rid of toxins from the body. They would take only raw veggies and fruits to clean up their stomachs. But, times have now changed and so has the pattern of fasting. Today, we end up eating more than necessary following a fast and the result is sluggishness, bloating and weight gain. 

 What your detox diet should include?
Include fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh fruit juices, lemon water, coconut water, butter milk, herbal tea, green tea, steamed vegetables, nuts, vegetable soups, milk and milk products, salad, cooked dal(lentils) in your detox diet.

Apart from food, one needs to increase ones water intake (at least two- three litres in a day) to get maximum benefits from detox diet. While rest is important during your detox day, light yoga stretches or a short, brisk walk can be done. Follow this regimen once a month and it will do wonders to your body!