Reap Good Health With Water


How important is water for your body? With sixty percent of body weight consisting of water, it is quite clear that water plays a vital role in your well being. The organs in your body need water to perform to their optimum. Here are a few reasons why you should drink more water on a regular basis.

Protects tissues, spinal cord and joints

Water helps your body in ways you cannot imagine. The tissues, joints and spinal cord need water to function efficiently. Water lubricates the joints, moisturizes the tissues and protects the spinal cord. It also controls the body’s temperature and keeps your body hydrated.

Assists in proper digestion

Water helps in the formation of saliva which is essential for good digestion. The enzymes found in saliva ensure proper breakdown of food. They also dissolve nutrients and minerals in food to make them easily available for the body to absorb. Soluble fiber which keeps the bowels in good health is also digested easily with the help of water.

Helps body to eliminate waste

One of your body’s main functions is removal of waste. This is carried out through perspiration, urination and defecation; and water helps the body to do this efficiently. An adequate intake of water is necessary for the kidneys, liver and intestines to push out waste. Water can also soften your tools thereby giving relief from constipation.

Checks dehydration

Dehydration can be caused by a number of reasons like vigorous exercise, sweating, fever, vomiting or diarrhea. Keep your body’s hydration levels under check by consuming more fluids at such times. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, drink more water to keep your body’s water level intact.

Provides good skin

The largest organ in your body, the skin needs regular water intake to build new cells. Water moisturizes your skin and increases skin elasticity. It prevents premature ageing by delaying the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Water also helps the skin to maintain the body’s temperature through sweating.

Tips on drinking water

The general suggestion is to drink eight glasses of water per day. This can change depending on your activity level and the climate you live in. Check your urine to get an idea about your water requirement. Clear urine is an indicator of good health while darker urine indicates the need to drink more water. Increase your fluid intake in case of illnesses or infections.