Picture Perfect Manicure


Your hands do all the work for you. With all the cleaning, washing, typing, cooking, etc. it is no wonder that the hands get rough and dry, and the nails get brittle and dirty. Get beautiful hands by rewarding them with a relaxing manicure once in a while.

Flaunt your nails in good shape

Choose a nail shape that flatters the size and shape of your hands. Oval shaped nails are a safe bet for most hands. Round nails can soften your look whereas square nails suit only long hands. If you are ready to experiment, pointy nails will make your fingers look longer.

Pick your perfect colour

Find your skin’s undertone by looking at the underside of your wrist. If your skin has blue or red undertones choose pinkish nudes, cherry red, deep violet or fuchsia. If your skin has golden, olive or yellow undertones white nudes, chocolate or coral might be the best colours for you.

Pearly pinks or bold blues

Pale pinks or pretty creams seem to last longer than dark colours as they make cuts and dents less noticeable. Use two thin coats instead of a single thick coat as they are less likely to chip. If you are bold enough to carry them off, try greens, blues, yellows or blacks. Bold colours however may demand a manicure sooner than pale colours.

Use that sunscreen

A UV lamp for curing uses the same UV rays from the sun. If you are still afraid that putting your hands under the lamp might cause skin damage or cancer, apply sunscreen before heading to the salon.

Fake nails for the perfect look

Fake or artificial nails are perfect to conceal your weak or broken fingernails. They may however prove difficult to maintain and injure your real nails. Wet or broken artificial nails can also cause nail infections. It is best to opt for fake nails only on occasions.

Nail art

Decorate your fingernails once in a while with painted patterns and stick-on jewels or stones. Crackle finishes and coloured tips are some of the latest trends in nail art. Show off your creativity with beautiful nail art.

The classic french manicure

Nothing beats a french manicure in elegance and class. If you love this look, you can do this hassle free and easy style of manicure at home. After trimming, filing and soaking the nails, push your cuticles back; and apply the base coat of pink or pale colour followed by the white tips. The french manicure makes your nails look longer and is perfect for formal occasions.

The chip free gel and shellac manicures

If you want a longer lasting and no chip manicure, gel and shellac will work to your advantage. In these methods the nails are cured under UV lights after each coat to make them last longer. However acetone is used to remove them which might not be very good for your nails. Choose wisely depending on your needs.
Think ahead to avoid smudges

Searching for your purse or car keys with wet nail polish can wreck your beautiful nail work. Think ahead and keep the essentials ready to steer clear from smudges. A protective oil coating on your nails after manicure can prevent staining.

Instant repair for smudge

In spite of all your precautions, if you end up with a smudge or chip, apply a small amount of nail polish remover on the spot. Fill in the area with a matching colour followed by a fresh coat on the whole nail.

Mend split nails

Cracked nails need support to outgrow the nail bed without more splitting. Apply a base coat to the nail and use paper strips from tea bags to wrap the nail. Wet the strips with the same base coat before wrapping the nail. Seal the entire nail with a final coat. Consult a doctor for severe nail cracks.

Avoid nail infections

The salon’s tools are supposed to be disinfected after each use. Do not hesitate to ask the manicurist if you see something amiss or feel any discomfort. Nails or fingers turning red or sore after a manicure can be a sign of an infection. Do not hesitate to consult a doctor in such a case.

Post manicure care

Household chores can wreak havoc on manicured hands. Wear gloves when you wash dishes or work in your garden. Use a gentle soap to wash your hands and moisturize everyday.