Myths And Facts About Aging


There are a lot of myths about aging which you may have taken for granted. Here are some facts to show that old age is not all about depression and misery. Enjoy your elderly years with serenity, confidence and dignity.

Dementia and aging go hand in hand

Many people consider dementia as a normal part of aging. However, dementia should be treated as a medical condition which could be related to medication or nutrition. Factors like diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol which lead to heart disease can also cause Alzheimer’s or other dementia related problems. Not many people know that dementia can be controlled to a considerable extent. Physical and intellectual exercise can help in preventing dementia by keeping the body flexible and improving blood flow to the brain.

It's too late to start exercising

Exercise is often considered as a chore and neglected in early life. If you have been inactive for a long time, you most certainly will experience body pain when you start some form of physical activity. But let this not put you off. You can start to exercise later in life and still reap the rewards associated with it. Mild to moderate exercise can cut your risk of death from cancer or heart disease to a great extent.

Sex life ends with old age

The fact that sexual desire changes with age does not mean that elderly people do not indulge in sexual activities. As you grow old the chance of your being sexually active depends a lot on your health and your partner’s health. A positive attitude and physical activity also contribute to good sex in old age.

Depression is common in the elderly

Depression should never be seen as an inevitable part of aging. However, retirement, increased isolation and medical problems can lead to depression among the elderly. This condition can be treated by taking the right steps. Simple things like staying physically and socially active, learning new crafts or hobbies, adapting to change and connecting to your community and loved ones can help you to lead a happy life in old age.

Women are afraid of getting old

Aging is inevitable and most women accept this fact with grace. Women look up to the elderly women in their lives and are inspired by their positive attitude and active life. This outlook helps them to consider aging as an adventure and opportunity rather than as a depressing struggle.

Aging leads to arthritis

Arthritis may be common among the elderly but it is not a normal part of ageing. In fact, rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disorder, while osteoarthritis is associated with joint trauma and obesity. Make it a point to wear comfortable shoes, manage your weight and follow an exercise program throughout your life to prevent arthritis.