Modern Women and Career


Image Courtesy By: pixabay

As a girl, I was brought up equal to my brother in all aspects including education and comfort. However parents in south India consider only two options for their kids- Engineer or Doctor, irrespective of the gender! Probably this is the reason why we see very few fashion designers, make-up artist, interior designers, dancers, singers, artist, fitness trainers, models and many other non engineering professionals hailing from the south.

Considering the change in attitude towards education for girls, parents are encouraging girls in making their own career, which is definitely praiseworthy. But do girls really get the feasibility of having a career life long? Or are we preparing the much enthusiastic girls for a career break?

Career break, yes, you heard it right!

Most of the families in India now prefer nuclear families, may be due to the generation gap, travel distance or even staying away from home town. A girl once establishes her career, gets into married life and then kids. Now as a mother, the choice is to be a stay-at-home mom or a working mother. This is the point where most of us give up, depending upon the circumstances. Having a support to take care of the baby may let Mom get back to work, but not without being made feel guilty about it.

Many well educated women at this point think about various other career options, which may be completely irrelevant to their qualification. As a mother, and once a working women it becomes difficult to be financially dependent on spouse and doing NOTHING makes a women frustrated, restless, this can lead to depression, low self-esteem, poor relationships and what not? To overcome the so called depression women tends and tries her best to create a career out of her personal interest / hobbies while she is  stay-at-home-working-mom

Awareness about suitable career options that can be pursued any time after a career break or without even taking a break, should be thought about as a career option well before their first job. This practice may really keep women away from various ill effects after giving up a successful professional career.

Girls can always think about various options including those mentioned earlier and also may be a Reputation Manager, Landscape Architect, and Physical therapist, Group Personal Trainer / Fitness trainer, Market Research Analyst, Freelancer, Creative profession, Chef/Baker, Motivational Speaker and the list goes on…..