Mint For Weight Loss


MINT??? Is that true?? Yes, it is!! Mint, as a natural herb can be of great use to you if you are on the way to shedding a few kilos! Let’s see how...

Refreshes and relaxes you after your physical activity

I am sure you never knew that mint has antispasmodic and pain relieving properties. Hence, after a heavy workout, a fresh glass of mint tea will prove to be refreshing and will leave you feeling energetic for the entire day. This in turn, will ensure that you stay active and keep up your increased metabolic rate throughout the day, thus, aiding in weight loss.

Keeps you off from bloating issues

Sometimes you tend to get bloating issues during your weight loss journey. Peppermint tea keeps you off from such problems as it relaxes your stomach muscles and increases bile flow. This in turn, also improves the process of fat digestion, thereby helping you in your goal of losing fat.

Controls your appetite

Some international studies have proved that any contact with fresh mint – eating or inhaling - decreases hunger. According to these studies, mint leaves make your brain centre more alert, thereby curbing your urge to eat more. Also, it increases your sense of fullness and improves the sense of taste and smell, making you feel more satisfied. Moreover, a cool drink of lemon water with mint leaves infused in it, is one of the most popular drinks for shedding a few kilos.

So, go ahead and get your hands on some fresh mint. Use it in your refreshing drinks, chutneys, garnishes or simply chew some leaves!!!