Makeup Tutorial #1


Image Courtesy By: Aliya Baig

Do you find yourself visiting the salon too often just because you don’t know what makeup is going to look good on you? Fret not! This column is designed to help you perfect your makeup from the very first step by discussing some of the latest techniques in the makeup industry.

Makeup is more of a science than art. 80% of humans have an asymmetrical face definition and makeup can give an illusion of symmetry and can transform and enhance any face if applied correctly by understanding core facial geometry, skin texture, complexion and undertones.

Pre-Steps- Preparing your skin

A key pre-step before applying makeup is to follow the ‘CSTM’ rule – Cleansing, Scrubbing, Toning and Moisturizing.

Cleansing the skin involves removing dust, dirt and impurities from your skin making the pores clean and breathable. Scrubbing is an essential step which many ignore, through which one can remove the dead skin layer, blackheads and whiteheads from your skin, leaving it smooth and clean. Toner rejuvenates, refreshes and prepares the skin for moisturizing. Tone the skin with a right toner to maintain the PH balance of the skin.

Moisturizing is last of all the pre-steps, it brings back the suppleness and good oils to your skin, which may have been lost in the previous steps. Moisturizer hydrates the skin and keeps it soft, youthful and glowing.

Primer- because makeup lasts long with a good primer.
The first step of makeup should begin with a primer. Irrespective of whether you apply heavy makeup or prefer to keep it simple, makeup primers are extremely important to ensure a smooth base for foundation. Using primer underneath your makeup will make everything last longer. Primer formulas are available in cream, gel and powder.

A little quantity of primer goes a long way, start with small dots from the center of your face and work it out across until it evenly covers the entire face. Once applied, wait till the primer works its way into the skin, for about a minute or two and then follow your regular foundation routine.

Concealer- your makeup is incomplete without this.

A concealer offers multiple benefits ranging from covering skin flaws to augmenting the skin glow. In addition to being used as a brightening product, it is more conventionally used to cover skin flaws such as under eye dark circles, eye bags, acne marks, zits, dark spots, pigmentation and other facial imperfections. Concealers also come in different colors like green, orange, yellow which are called as Correctors.


For regular makeup routine apply concealer first under the eyes with your ring finger in gentle patting motion in a ‘V shape’ blending it out smoothly at the ends. Press the product in lightly until you get the desired result and do not rub harshly under the gentle eye area.

Foundation- missing this can be pretty dangerous!

This step is the most important one in the entire process. Foundation serves as the canvas for the rest of your makeup and the best ones blend on smoothly and evenly, meshing with your skin. If you've never tried foundation or if you don't think you've found the best one for your skin type yet, prepare to be surprised at the difference the right one makes!

Choosing the right foundation can be tricky. Most Indians have a yellowish undertone to their skin which means you must choose a foundation which blends well with it. However, that alone won’t suffice. You must also ensure that your foundation matches the color of your neck. The best way to choose would be to try the shortlisted colors at once by placing them in stripes on your face and blending them away.


There are different types of foundations - liquid, cream & powder, depending on the skin type and coverage you are looking for and for each there is a different method of application.

Liquid foundations gives medium coverage and are good for all skin types, can be applied using fingers or a foundation brush.

Cream foundations give a medium to full coverage, good for covering acne marks, wrinkles etc. and works well when applied using a damp beauty sponge.

Powder foundation is a buildable foundation, works great for oily skin or combination skin, can be applied using a brush for a sheer coverage and a sponge applicator for a full coverage.

There’s more to come. Watch this space with the next steps that follow.