Is This Really A Golden Era For Women?


Here are some issues that may make you think otherwise.

They say that this is the golden period for women and one must consider herself fortunate to be born a woman today. Why not? Women have conquered every field and this in addition to the time they spend at the kitchen. There truly is nothing that a woman can’t do today. From space engineering to economics, they are everywhere and doing even better than their male counterparts.

Then why is it that women, at large, are still considered inferior to men? They still are paid less and are treated with contempt. Add to that, there are problems related to security, sexual harassment, family support, maternity leave, etc.

Sexual harassment is a problem as old as the hills. Most working women, from every field, have experienced this monstrous issue at some point in their careers. From passing derogatory remarks to making sexual advances, women have been victimized since too long. Unfortunately, even if the problem seems to have been curtailed at the surface level, if you look deeper, it still agonizes many women.

Unequal Pay has pervaded every industry. Even Bollywood celebrities complain of being paid less just because they’re women. Up until now, this was accepted as part of society, but things are rapidly changing for the better.

Married women at work are sometimes the most stressed people. Not only do they have to cope with the pressures of work, but also single-handedly manage affairs at home. Their families seldom support their careers and load them with so much work that can prove not only detrimental to their jobs but also eventually affect their health.

Sometimes women choose not to work late due to poor security offered to female employees. They avoid taking cabs alone, especially if they work late because they are not assured of security.

Facing too many problems together takes a definite toll on one’s self esteem and confidence. Hence, women drop out of late night jobs, which causes financial losses to the company hiring them. Tackling Problems Faced by Women

The UN Convention of the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination Against Women(CEDAW), is a strong body which severely condemns any form of bias against women. Most countries are now following the mandate as laid out by this body and are providing safe working conditions for women. Not just that, they are also educating women about their rights and their superiors and peers about the consequences they may have to face if they try to squash women’s rights. In addition, women are being provided with a better pay and other security services especially if they work late. However, we still have a long way to go. It is up to us to stand up for our rights and move on undeterred.