How To Fit Exercise Into Your Busy Schedule


Do you want to exercise but find no time for it? Here are some ways by which you can squeeze in a workout into your busy schedule.

Choose quality over quantity

The intensity of your workout is more important than the time you spend doing it. Instead of spending a long time in the gym working out on every exercise equipment, select a handful of exercises which can give intense workout to your body. Eliminate long breaks and try to spend your time fruitfully. 

Change your time

Nothing can be worse than being in a crowded gym. You might have to wait for everything starting from the dumbbells, the exercise machines and even the shower room. Instead of wasting your time standing in a queue, opt for the least busy times like early morning or late night.

Exercise through your commute

You might be travelling to work by your car, the bus or a train. This often adds to your sitting time which is not good for the body. Convert your commute into a workout by running or cycling to work. Buy a good backpack and a pair of trainers to get you going, and make the environment and yourself healthier.

Workout in your bedroom

A bedroom may not be the most ideal place for a workout. But with little time to spare for the gym, exercising in the bedroom soon after you get up can be an ideal way to start your day. This won’t eat away much of your time yet will let you stay fit.

Make it a social affair

Social affairs spent with family and friends can be a great time. Try to make these social affairs a lot more fun by making it exercise related. You could all go for a run together, try a new yoga class or learn to play a new sport.

Do things the hard way

All of us are in a pursuit of making life easier. But when life becomes easy our bodies become less flexible and finally unwell. Choose the stairs over the lift or escalator. Opt to walk to your nearest supermarket for shopping. Use the shopping basket instead of the trolley. All these changes will help you to burn more calories and make your body healthier.