Have A Healthy Holi!!!


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This year, let the blissful colours of HOLI, make you stronger, healthier and fitter!!! However, on this auspicious occasion, one tends to lose ways with their diet and exercise! Please don’t do that! The path to “GOOD HEALTH” seems rocky and bouncy! All thanks to the varied number of sweets and other preparations in our households. Hence, let’s read how we can make this HOLI a healthier and wiser one…..

BEWARE OF SWEETS- I know it’s one of the most difficult tasks; but, don’t make the festival an excise to go off track from your diet and to over-indulge in sweets! I am not saying to leave off the gujiya’s, kanji ke vade, papdi, etc…but, maintain a portion control! Avoid the condition where you have filled both your hands with every sweet you can catch hold of!

KEEP YOURSELF WELL HYDRATED- Yes, this is of utmost importance! Increase your water intake which will curb your hunger pangs towards all the junk food! Also, while dancing and playing holi, you must refill your body water stores more frequently to avoid dehydration!

WATCH OUT YOUR MEAL GAPS AND PORTIONS- Just because its festive time, it doesn’t mean you give yourself way to large meal gaps and horrendous meal portions! Keep a close check as this will help you in balancing your other meals during the day. Avoid heavy major meals if you are planning to be dancing the entire morning! Instead, keep sipping on refreshing drinks (AVOID THANDAAI)!

KEEP YOUR DINNER LIGHTER- This will ensure you don’t put on too much weight in a day! Make wise choices which would ensure a good protein and fibre intake in your dinner.  By protein , I mean, either pulse protein, non- veg protein or milk.

So, in the end, I would just say enjoy the festive day in a healthy way!