Get Those Push Ups Right


Every time you hit the gym, don’t you find yourself staring at that guy who’s hitting it right with those push ups. Don’t you wish you could do it too? And you should.

Push ups are a great exercise for the entire upper body. Depending on your posture, they can work on your chest, shoulders, back, arms and sometimes even abs! So, start working today. Begin with a simpler version so that you can build some strength and move to tougher ones as you get comfortable.

Swiss Ball Push up

If you’re not comfortable hitting the floor straight away, start with a prop, like a Swiss ball. Start in the plank position. Place your hands on the side of the ball. Make sure they are directly under your shoulder. Now, slowly lower your upper body, keeping your abs tight, towards the ball and then push back up. Repeat this move about 15 times.

The push up has a lot of variations. If you don’t have a Swiss ball, you could do the same thing against a wall. The move is the same, you’re just using another prop. If done the right way, push ups can bring about a lot of difference in not just the appearance of your upper body but also in the strength.