For A Healthy Pregnancy After 35


Getting pregnant at any age can be a joyful experience. Planning for a baby at a late age may not be completely free from challenges. From conception to delivery you may face certain difficulties. But nothing is impossible in life and you can be sure to have a healthy baby if you follow these great tips.

Aim for a healthy weight

A healthy weight makes it easier for a woman to get pregnant. Women with a BMI of more than thirty are more likely to develop gestational diabetes which can lead to complications during pregnancy. Fertility treatments also work best when you have a good body mass index. Try to get in shape by following an exercise program that suits your needs.

Do away with unwanted stress

Stress affects the mind as well as the body in a debilitating way. It can hinder the chances of getting pregnant and cause problems during pregnancy. Learn to control and manage the stress in your life before you try to get pregnant. Choose prayer, meditation and exercise to rid yourself of unwanted stress.

Take a prenatal vitamin

Prenatal vitamins contain folic acid and various other nutrients which have the capacity to prevent deformities in the foetus. You can start to have these tablets if you are planning on getting pregnant. Fertility boosting foods like salmon, brown rice, sunflower seeds, broccoli, etc. can help you both before and after pregnancy.

Chuck out bad habits

A body free of toxins is the best friend for you as well as your unborn child. Quit smoking and avoid alcohol to clean up your system when you are expecting. Help yourself out in every possible way in the case of a late pregnancy.

Get adequate sleep

It is very important to get enough rest during your pregnancy. Sleep releases the growth hormone needed for the development of the baby. It also helps in reducing excess fluids and improves blood flow to the foetus. In short, give yourself plenty of ‘me time’ when you are expecting.