Drumstick Leaves - A Health Enhancer


Image Courtesy By: Suhasini

The humble drumstick tree standing in the backyard maybe your lifeline to a healthier you. A powerhouse of nutritional goodies, drumsticks and its leaves are both food and medicine. The leaves of the drumstick tree contain protein, calcium, vitamin A, vitamin C, potassium and a host of other nutrients. Read on to find out how they can solve some of your everyday health problems.

Make a fine paste out of a few drumstick leaves. Add this paste and a glass of water to a pan. Cover with a lid and boil the mixture for five minutes. Strain well after the soup cools down. The following are some of the benefits which this healthy soup can provide:

  • Adding honey and coconut water to the soup and having a cup of it thrice a day keeps cough, cold, fever, and loose motions at bay.

  • Drinking this on a regular basis by adding a little pepper powder and salt, promotes better health.

  • Avoid infections by consuming it with a teaspoon of honey.

  • A teaspoon of the drumstick leaves soup along with a few drops of lemon juice applied to the face can prevent pimples.

  • This soup is good for your child's healthy growth and avoids eye problems in the future.

  • Get strong bones by drinking the soup along with badam milk.

  • Drinking the soup during pregnancy boosts the production of breast milk after delivery.

  • Boil the soup along with gingelly oil or olive oil and massage painful parts of your body to get relief.

  • Drinking the soup with milk before bedtime gives good sleep.

Moreover, fry the leaves in olive oil and apply on the knees to soothe severe pain. The leaves added to curries, dal and chutney is good for providing relief from gastric problems. A teaspoon of powdered dry drumstick leaves mixed with honey and taken before food is also beneficial in controlling diabetes.


Drumstick leaves can take time to digest. Therefore limit the intake and drink more water or coconut water to ease the digestive process.