Counter Weight Gain Following Menopause With Exercise


Are you struggling to lose weight after menopause? For most women gaining weight is common after menopause. This happens due to several reasons like decreased oestrogen levels, lower metabolic rate, loss in muscle mass, reduced aerobic capacity and decline in activity levels. Exercise is the most effective way by which you can counter these problems.

Prevent injuries and make your exercise routine a success by following these basic principles.

  • Exercise consistently, preferably daily, even if it is only for five minutes.

  • Start exercising for ten minutes in the beginning. Gradually increase your time to thirty minutes.

  • If you are comfortable, you can slowly increase the intensity too.


We often tend to underestimate the power of walking. Walking is a very simple, easy and effective means to manage weight and improve health.

Upper body exercise

Some women tend to have lower body pain immediately after menopause. Instead of stopping all exercise you could opt for upper body exercise till the pain subsides.


Swimming is another healthy way to lose body weight. Besides, it helps to maintain good shape and aids in the fight against cardiovascular diseases.

Exercise bicycles

Having an exercise bicycle at home can do wonders for your weight management. Cycling provides adequate exercise to all parts of the body thus improving overall health.

Regular exercising after menopause also offers other benefits like a reduced risk of cardiovascular diseases, relief from depression, reduced risk of osteoporosis, better joints and muscles and a superior sense of well being.