Calorific Indian dishes


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Watch those calories

Who doesn’t love good, lip-smacking food? Doesn’t it feel fantastic to gorge on those crunchy samosas or buttery pavs? No rainy day can go completely without a plate of piping hot onion bhajis. And on a hot day, even two glasses of falooda don’t seem to be enough.

However, once you read up about how many calories you’re consuming with each of these delectable delights, you’re probably going to be a little more watchful of them (at least for a while). So, let’s educate us.

Pav Bhaji

A plate of Pav Bhaji consists of approximately 600 kcals. The bhaji is made out of mostly potato but usually includes a lot of veggies like carrots, beans, cauliflowers, peas etc. It is garnished with coriander leaves and a dash of lemon juice and butter/cream on the top. And it is served with buns (pav) that are buttered on all sides.


Samosa is fried shells made out of all purpose flour (maida) and stuffed with spicy potato and sometimes onions and peas. They’re an all-time favorite Indian snack and mostly eaten in the afternoon. However, for every two pieces of samosa that you eat, you end up consuming 260 kcal.

Onion Bhaji

Again, a deep fried item that is made of gram flour (besan) and stuffed with onion rings or sometimes chopped onions. It is yet another popular snack and best served with chai.

Calorie Intake – 190 kcal per 2-3 pcs (depending on size).


A rice based dish which is flavored with spices, cooked in stock to which vegetables or meat might be added. It is mostly eaten with a serving of raita (yogurt with condiments), or salan (a green chili based gravy).

Calorie Intake – Approximately 449kcal per serving.


There are so many varieties of this popular Indian dessert. But most of the times, barfi is made by thickening boiling milk with sugar and adding other ingredients like dry fruits or spices. This mixture is then poured into a shallow dish and once it cools down, cutting it into diamond-shaped pieces. These pieces might be decorated in edible silver foils sometimes.  Calorie Intake – Approximately 103 kcal per piece.

Chhole Bhature

Another hot seller in the list of top food items in India- chhole bhature is a combination of chickpea cooked in Indian spices served with deep fried bread made of all purpose flour (maida).

Calorie Intake – Approximately 450 kcal per serving.

Ras Mallai

A dessert item that many people swear by. ‘Ras’ means juice and ‘malai’ means cream. It is basically flat little round pieces of cottage cheese (paneer) served with thick, flavored milk.

Calorie Intake – Approximately 250 kcal per serving.

Paneer Bhurji

Yet another dish made out of cottage cheese, this one involves finely grating paneer and mixing it with herbs and sometimes even bell peppers to add to the flavor. It is best eaten with hot bread also called chapati/paratha.

Calorie Intake – Approximately 412 kcal per serving.


This one is a favorite during summers because it is served cold. It is traditionally made by mixing rose syrup with vermicelli, with jelly pieces, sometimes sweet basil seeds with milk and topping this off with a scoop of ice cream.

Calorie Intake – Approximately 300 kcal per one big glass.