Breastfeeding For Working Mothers


Breastfeeding can be the best bonding between a mother and child. With all the benefits attributed to breastfeeding, it is only natural that a mother feels the need to continue the practice even after returning to work. This can seem difficult to accomplish. Follow these breastfeeding basics to be happy and efficient at your workplace.

Get ready for the transition

Returning to work after having a baby can be a difficult phase in a mother’s life. If you plan to continue breastfeeding your baby, first prepare yourself mentally for the task. Do not forget to stock up all the products which will help you to make the transition easy.

Find a good breast pump

A breast pump makes your task a lot easier by giving you the flexibility to maintain your milk supply in an efficient manner. If you can afford it, opt for an electric pump which will take away less of your time.

Speak to your employer

Do not hesitate to discuss your needs with your employer. Ask for a private, clean room where you can pump milk in peace. Educate your employer about how pumping can make an employee happier and thereby more productive.

Prepare a schedule

Make a timetable for pumping during the work hours. Twenty minutes every three to four hours is a good time schedule to follow. Sticking to your plan not only helps you to have a continuous supply of milk but also makes your colleagues aware when you are not available.

Store your milk safely

Keep a disinfected bottle ready to collect and store your milk. Arrange for a refrigerator in the pumping room and keep your milk chilled at all times. Do not forget to label the bottles with the right date. Make use of breast pads to protect your clothes from any leakage.

Bond with other mothers

Seek out other new mothers with whom you can connect in your office. With support from each other the fight for your rights can be stronger and your boss will have to listen to you sooner or later.