Best Sex Positions For Female Orgasm


Image Courtesy By: pixabay

Good sex not only acts as a stress buster and mood enhancer but also gives pleasure. The ability to experience an orgasm is what makes sex awesome and rewarding. Many a time women are unable to experience an orgasm during sex and fake it to please their partners.Sex therapists point out that not all women reach orgasm in the same way. Some women need direct clitoral stimulation in order to orgasm, while other women can either have clitoral orgasms through direct stimulation or intercourse. In addition to this, some women can only have orgasms through intercourse. Try the following methods to find out what works for you.

For direct clitoral stimulation

The clitoris is a very sensitive part of a woman's sexual organs. Direct clitoral stimulation can reward you with a very powerful orgasm. Include foreplay in your bedroom to get ready for sex and increase your chances of having an orgasm. Stroke the clitoris manually or orally before, during or after intercourse to reach an orgasm. Opt for positions that allow easy access to your clitoris like girl on top, spooning or scissors during intercourse.

For G-spot stimulation

For those who need a G-spot stimulation, try sex positions that allow your partner to reach the G-spot which is located on the front wall of your vagina. Deep penetration and the right angle is what is needed for proper G-spot stimulation. The missionary position with your legs supported by either of your partner's shoulders is a great way to have a G-spot orgasm. Doggie style and reverse cowgirl are some of the other intercourse positions you could try to get deep penetration.

For clitoral stimulation through intercourse

Clitoral stimulation through intercourse can be obtained by trying the modified coital alignment technique. Start off in the traditional missionary position and bring your legs together in between your partner's. Now, let him shift his weight forward. This will enable his erection to put firm pressure and friction on your clitoris as he thrusts, thus helping you to reach an orgasm.