Are You Looking To Lose Weight But Unable To Do So?


Are you looking to lose weight but unable to do so? Fret not, we have  some simple yet effective tips that can help you reach your fitness  goals.

It is a widely known fact that transformation happens with 80 % diet  (eating healthy)and 20% work out. If you adhere to this, rest assured  that you will see results.

·         Make sure you set up weight loss goals that are realistic,  and keep going at them each month.

·         No matter what happens hit the gym , or make sure you  complete your minimum work out for the day , do not go to bed without  your workout.

·         Always make sure you have a positive mind set when you work  out, always have your “mind over body”.

·         Stay away from foods that are bad for you. Always say 'I'm  not going to have that—I won't' and you're in control."

·         Get your sleep patterns right “Sleep is a cornerstone of  weight management “because of the impact it has on your hormones that  control how you burn fat.

·         Keep your protein levels high around each meal,  and order  wisely at restaurants.

·         Travel with healthy snacks if you have to, so that you do  not choose junk foods.

·         Eat citrus fruits every day.

·         Drink plenty of water. Hydration can curb hunger and boost  your metabolism by up to 3 percent.

·         Say yes to dark chocolate. It's got antioxidants.

·         Stand up! Stand whenever you can. Standing burns 1.5 times  more calories than sitting.

·         Keep your fridge filled with healthy foods so the option of  eating unhealthy is very minimal.


There is a saying “why choose to fail when success is an option”. So,  get up and go for it!