14 Signs that he’s going to propose very soon


Image Courtesy By: pixabay

So your boyfriend and you have been living together for a while and things have been great. This is when you begin to wonder what’s next. Most of us are wired to believe that marriage is the ultimate goal of every relationship. To top it off, all your friends are getting engaged or married and you’re worried that you’re going to be left behind.

Well, fret not. We’ve compiled a list of 15 things that you should look out for that might tell you if he’s going to propose anytime soon.

He’s been saving up

You no longer find him buying funny little fridge magnets or Playstation games. He’s also stopped going out to guzzle beer that often. When you ask him, all he says is that he’s saving up for a rainy day. Maybe he means ‘wedding day’.

He uses a lot of ‘We’

In all his conversations about his future, he drops the word ‘we’ instead of ‘I’. Then it probably means that he visualizes you to be right next to him in whatever he does, be it going on that adventure trip or buying a house.

He knows how to handle crazy you

The greatest couples know how to handle each other’s tantrums without giving up on each other. If your man is able to take all your temper and fits without going nuts himself, then he’s damn serious.

All His Friends Are Married

We may not realize it, but our friends can influence our lives pretty heavily. If most of his friends are happily married and he appreciates their marriages, then chances are that he is planning to join that club very soon. Keep your eyes and ears open!

He takes your opinion on things

If he is looking to shift you from girlfriend to wife, then chances are that he’s going to seek your advice on little things too. If you see that he’s been consulting you on a lot of things lately, it’s probably because he’s looking at you differently.

Enquires about your future

He probes you on children and houses. He probably wants to know if you want a pet. Or if you want to live by the sea. If he’s asking you about your future a lot, then it’s probably because he’s already imagined you in his and wants to know if you feel the same way.

He Pampers You:

He always puts in extra effort in his gifts. He personalizes them and spends a good amount of money on them. He does your laundry and gives you long massages. He probably is going to pop the question soon.

He opens up completely

If he is able to open up about his life, his fears, his insecurities about you then he probably thinks that you deserve to know every bit about him. He wants you to know him like nobody else because there is probably going to be nobody else.

He goes shopping with you

He helps you pick between the fuschia lacy bra and the one with the animal prints. Or he is picking up groceries with you just like a dutiful husband. He may just be in for the long haul then.

He trusts You

A quality that is almost disappearing these days- trust. If your man shares everything about his life- from his first crush to his last girlfriend, from his bank account information to maybe his credit card number, then he trusts you enough to keep you in his life forever. While he might take time to get there, if he does, then you’re in.

He believes in you and your dreams

It is important that you tell him all about your dreams and aspirations. If he knows what you want from your life and decides to support you through all of it, then he intends to make you his wife and stand by you while you live your life.

You have inside jokes

You two have these funny little insider jokes that nobody gets. It could be things from a trip you took together, or maybe something funny you saw at a movie. Whatever it is, it is only between you two and it cracks you two up like nobody’s business.

His family loves you

Firstly, if he’s already introduced you to his family, then that itself is a big sign that he intends to keep you for long. Moreover, if his family seems to enjoy your company too then they think you’re the ideal match for him. And if he is attached to his family, he’s definitely going to want to respect their opinion.

He shares his finances with you

He doesn’t ask any questions when you borrow money from him. He readily shares whatever he earns with you. There is no question of ‘his’ money or ‘your’ money. If he doesn’t distinguish between your money then he intends to keep it that way forever.