13 Things To Do Before You Have A Baby


Having a baby can be life changing. Here are certain things to do before you have a baby.

1) Buy A Home

Consider buying a home before you have a baby as this can help you to bring the baby to your own home. Moving from place to place can prove to be difficult with a baby.

2) Go On A Vacation

If you love to travel this is the right time for a vacation. Travelling with a baby can be uncomfortable for both you and the baby.

3) Solve Your Relationship Problems

Talk to your partner about all the things that you find unacceptable. It is better to sort out your problems before having a baby than fighting over it with the added stress of parenthood.

4) Watch Enough Movies

Going to the movie theatre with a baby can be nothing short of a nightmare. So enjoy your weekends in the multiplex with reclinable seats and buttery popcorn.        

5) Spend Time With Your Friends

Everything, including your friends will take a backseat once the baby arrives. Join your friends for exhibitions, movies, picnics, etc. while you still have time for them.

6) Visit your Grand Parents

Your grandparents have many years of experience behind them. Make them happy by staying for a day, find time to listen to them and seek their blessings.

7) Learn to Cook Together

Pregnancy blues can make you realize the importance of cooking at home. After the arrival of the baby eating out can be a complete no no. If you are unfamiliar with cooking, it is best to join a cooking class together to learn at least the basics.

8) Wear Your Expensive Clothing Now

Expensive, dry clean only clothing and babies don’t go hand in hand. Babies can leave your dresses stained and crumpled. Show off your best clothing now before the baby arrives.

9) Learn Something New
Learning a new hobby after you have a baby can be next to impossible.Your baby will take up all of your time leaving no time for anything else. Now is the time to learn dancing, painting, guitar, swimming or sewing. Make the most of your precious free time.

10) Make an Emergency Fund

Parenthood can be full of surprise expenses. Saving some extra cash in the bank may come in handy if you have to deal with difficulties or illnesses.

11) Be Fit and Healthy

Having a healthy weight before conceiving, can not only help you to have a good pregnancy but also to give birth to a healthy baby. Moreover being fit before pregnancy can aid your body in the post delivery period.

12) Decide If You Want To Work or Be A Stay At Home Mom

Deciding to have a baby is a major step in your life. A baby is not a small responsibility. Plan with your partner whether you want to work or stay at home with your baby? Explore the pros and cons of each decision and plan accordingly.

13) Accept Your Blessing

A baby is always a blessing. You may not be 100 percent prepared for a child. But accept your blessing with joy.