11 Signs That He is The One


Image Courtesy By: truhap

If you are in a happy relationship, then everything seems hunky dory. You go out on regular dates, the sex is great and your social media posts receive all the adulation. However, when you’re in a long-term relationship, sometimes things get comfortable. You fall into a routine and you may not even realize it. A relationship that progresses and brings you closer with each passing day is the one that’s for keeps. There are always little and subtle things that your significant other might do which will give you a hint of what is on his mind. Here are 11 such signals that he might be the one.

He has a lot of respect for you

A healthy relationship must be based on mutual respect. He must be somebody who can respect not just you but women in general. So, if your guy respects your opinions, your lifestyle, your eating habits- basically all the things that are important to you and a part of your personality- then he is a keeper.

He is kind

Let’s face it. We’ve had our spate of bad relationships with the ‘bad boys’. But it’s time to hold on to the guy who is genuinely kind to you. He helps you with your chores, he presses your feet when you’re tired or simply gives you a hug at the end of a long day. Keep him by your side and don’t let him go.

He is generous

We all consider ourselves very lucky to find men who are wealthy and rich. However, it is more important for this rich man to spend his wealth on you. Not all of it, of course. But don’t you think it would be nicer if he would be generous and share his money with you and also do his bit for the people who are not as fortunate as he is?

He makes you laugh

Isn’t it just nice to be around someone who is cheerful and funny? If he is serious about you at all, he’s bound to want to make you laugh. Because he knows that a few years down the lane, his youth is going to be behind him but his humour will always support him. Wait for such a man.

He doesn’t indulge in violence

Yes, we all have fights with the people we love. Sometimes, things get out of control and we may end up hurting each other. However, no matter how angry he is, if he tries to hurt you physically, then you’re in for a rough ride. Look out for his behaviour when he’s around the other women in his life- mother, sisters, friends. That will tell you a lot about how he will treat you. Remember, there is no space for violence in a happy relationship. Make sure that he treats you gently and even if he’s angry, doesn’t raise a hand.

He is a hard-worker

Be it his professional life or even his personal life, he shouldn’t be someone who takes everything for granted. He must be willing to work hard for the things that he really desires or aspires for. He must know the value of receiving something as a result of sheer hard work.

He is motivated and driven

Besides being a hard-worker he should be someone who is working for something. It’s not going to help anybody if he works hard towards the wrong things. He must find motivation to keep him going. That way, he can motivate you too.  

He is your strongest support system

We cannot stress enough on this quality. Women today have a lot of roles to play. And juggling a fully functional home and work at the workplace is not easy. This is where your man needs to step up. If he understands your goals and supports you in every way that he finds possible, then you’ve found yourself a keeper.

He’s seen it all but he won’t leave

You’ve yelled at him, you’ve bawled like a baby, you’ve expressed your jealousy towards somebody or even told him about your deepest, darkest secret, but he still loves you the same. Hold on to this guy then.

You get along well his family

If you’re to marry this guy, then you have to like his family too. Because once you’re booked for life to someone, you’re automatically a part of his family. If you find yourself having a good time in their company and notice that they treat you as one of their own, then you’re in the right relationship.

You love him

If you’re in love with this man and always will be then make him your husband. Often, we confuse lust, infatuation and such feelings for love. So give it time and wait for the honeymoon phase to die down. If you love him through his grumpy phase, his happy phase and his stressed phase, then go for it!