10 Tips That Can Make You Glow Even in Winter


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Winter time usually means dry and troublesome skin. But you can bid  adieu to your skin problems with these winter skin care tips:

1. Moisturise your skin well. In winters we may need it twice-  almond  oil or sesame seed oil in the nights before sleeping and a good  quality hydrating moisturizer in the day time.

2.  We may moisturise skin well from outside but it also needs to glow  from within. Drink a good amount of water and do not completely avoid  oil as our body requires it from within.

3. Healthy glowing skin shows when taken care of in two ways. Inside  and outside- keeping our system (stomach) clean. This is the most  basic step to flawless skin.

4. Some of us may have troubled skin, pits and flaky patchy skin.  While trying to conceal the troubled area we may appear to have dry  skin. Therefore always use good moisturiser before applying makeup. So  that makeup doesn’t look dry and powdery and there will be a glow on  your face.

5. Best alternative is to use good sunscreen before makeup. This too  gives good glow and makes your skin appear healthy.

6. Avoid powder blusher and embrace cream blusher and use your  fingers. Tap and with the warmth of the finger there will a good shine.

7. Always use good makeup remover or baby oil. Because when you remove  makeup,  you tend to wipe of the the natural moisture from the skin,  thus making skin dry and dull.

8. Avoid matte makeup in winters.

9. Do not use too much compact either.

10. If some of you are still facing dry look in winter, use a good  liquid or cream illuminator for the fresh glowing look.