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Yes, I am sure we all know about certain brain booster like nuts, eggs, seeds, oils, etc. However, today, I have come up with some unique boosters for your memory enhancement:

Broccoli: High levels of Vitamin K and choline that will help you remember verbal instructions better. 
Berries: Flavonoids help in improving spatial memory. They also contain higher levels of gallic acid, which protect the brain from stress and degeneration.
Black Beans: Rich in Vitamin E and Magnesium that help in reversing the detrimental effects of Alzheimers disease. 
Fish: Include salmon, mackerel and tuna to benefit from their DHA content, which helps in normal neuron functioning. 
Dark green leafy veggies: High in Vitamin-E and Folate (folate reduces the homocysteine content in the blood, which in turn, reduces the death of nerve cells)
Avocado: Rich in vitamin E which helps in boosting concentration and memory. Presence of Vitamin K prevents blood clot formation in brain cells. 

So, make sure you make them (atleast one of them) a part of your daily diet from today!