Tiffin Box! Every mom’s daily concern.


Image Courtesy By: truhap

South India, as we all know is a well known Educational Hub. Every parent, how much ever is concerned with kid’s education, is also constantly concerned about the daily dose of nutrition the kid gets from an early stage. An everyday question for Mom is “What to Pack in the Tiffin?”

Working mom or a home maker, both worry in the same way and both have limited time to cook and pack before its time for the kid to leave for school.

TruHap organized a small forum for discussion on sharing tips and recipes with a group of mothers to help them deal with the nutritional requirements of the kid and make cooking fast, easy and yummy.

We appreciate all the mothers who have participated in the discussion enthusiastically and shared their secret recipes and tips with each other.

Looking forward to have a large number of participants and have more such discussions on various topics that can help women enrich their lives.