The Survivors - Dissociative Identity Disorder


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"Dissociative Identity Disorder is not a weakness but rather an extremely strong desire to survive." -Anonymous

One of the most controversial disorders. Have you considered what it would be like waking up and realized it has been three days since you fell asleep and you cannot recall what happened in those three days. You weren't sleeping. You were awake and fully functioning but that wasn't you. It may sound like possession but when a person develops an alter that's what happens. And alter is like an alternate personality. There are different kinds of alters. Someone who protects you from domestic abuse, like a big brother you never had. Or a mother who teaches you things, takes care of you. A mother that was absent in your real life. There alters are born under conditions that were so life threating you thought you would die. So much mental pain at an age where a child should be protected and loved. 

This is the highest level of crazily amazing a person can get in order to survive. People suffering from DID have gone through hell and back. These alters are not always good. Some of them can be a danger to the host personality and the people around them. These alters can store and hide memory from the host body. Some of them might be smarter or more talented. An alter may speak a language the host has forgotten. 

A person usually contains more than one alter. This disorder was previously known as Multiple Personality Disorder.

These alters always:

•    have a name, 

•    specific gender (as in a female host can have a male alter), 

•    age (alters never age and are always stuck in the same age), 

•    knowledge (an alter can hide knowledge from the others including the host- knowledge could be anything including basic general knowledge), 

•    specific vocabulary (alters might speak in particular patterns, not just that they might even have a different pitch or tone), 

•    their character traits are very dominant and rarely change (for example one personality might be introverted and like an artist whereas another personality might be aggressive in temperament and strong-willed).

These alters emerge due to stressors or specific triggers. It might take a few seconds, minutes or even hours for the full transformation to take place. The alters behave in a way as to hide their emergence. They try their best to behave like the host. Usually, when the person isn't aware of what is happening to him he freaks out and so do the alters in these moments when everything is chaotic the alters might try to hurt the host or behave violently, mostly because they are confused. Then there are some alters who store the abusive history in them. They are usually depressed and suicidal. They find it hard to control their impulses of self-destructive behavior. Therefore, these alters rarely come out.

These alters may have a disorder that the host does not. As mentioned above an alter could be depressed. Another could have Generalized Social Anxiety Disorder. Most commonly they could be suffering from Body Dysmorphic Disorder (Not comfortable in the bodily appearance to the point of feeling anxiety), most often when an alter of the opposite gender is present.

This disorder has a cure. The alters can be united or merged within the host's body. This is a long and hard treatment. Apart from this, there aren't any medications especially for this disorder the doctor might prescribe anti-anxiety or anti-depressants or something else to treat the symptoms caused by this disorder.

This disorder is not as simple as I described it in this article. It's much more complex and disturbing as well as surreal. For the patient as well as the people around him/her. The patient might usually come off as confused, angry, scared before he/she gets a diagnosis