Makeup Tips For Office


A little makeup is always good, especially when one is heading to the office.
While many like to go  without any makeup; others sometimes go over-the-top with it. A fine balance is the solution. Here are a few tips:

  • In a formal environment, always keep the makeup subtle. Avoid dramatic eyes with bright-coloured eye shadows and liners. Instead opt for just kajal or eye liner.

  • Avoid glitters or sparkles when it comes to office makeup, as they are meant for night  parties & they only act as distractions.

  • When it comes to lip colour, stay away from pop colours, instead opt for soft sheer colours.

  • You can use a concealer or a compact after applying moisturizer on your face to hide marks or lighten any area.

  • Avoid using blush while heading to the office as it might look a little over-the-top.


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