Makeup Tips For A Perfect Professional Look


Image Courtesy By: pixabay

For working women, I believe less is more. According to our Indian climate, we need loads of sunscreen. Choose a sunscreen that helps you retain moisture but prevents greasiness. A sunscreen with an SPF of 25-30 is sufficient for our skin. A good sunscreen helps protect your skin in the long run. After you apply sunscreen, use an effective concealer and compact.          

And for the eyes, I prescribe going for two shades of eyeshadow- a base shade which looks natural and another shade that compliments your eyes. Jazz this up with a volumizing mascara which is waterproof.

For your lips, choose something that can last longer. Since, we spend up to eight hours in office; I suggest that you opt for a good subtle light colour matte lipstick.

Nails- since it is a formal setup, make sure that your nails are trimmed. Use nail paints that are subtle and avoid using bright and unusual colours.

Hair- You could either tie up your hair nice and neat. Or you could try the half up and half down style. Another option for long and medium hair is the ponytail. If you have straightened hair, chignons can make your hair look stylish and also professional. Lastly, don’t forget to keep yourself well-groomed. It is important to take time to take care of your hair and skin by eating healthy and following a regime.