Live in Relationship


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Excited! Why not, living with a person whom you love is the most exciting thing. But wait! Have you ever thought that living in a relationship can reduce the chances of getting married?

If you think otherwise, let’s see what research has to say

India is now witnessing the trend of Cohabit-before-marriage. But do you know the so called Bollywood couples who have started the trend of LIVE IN RELATION broke up even before they got married? Yes, many couples never end up getting married after having a Live In Relationship (at least history says so)

Not all those who live in a relation end up their relation, but few couples do get married with a divorce rate that is one and a half to two times higher than couples who do not cohabit before marriage. Researches call this the “COHABITATION EFFECT”

Besides all the drawbacks, a couple can still survive a live-in relation, if they have clear plans to marry soon without any IFs and BUTs.

If you are living together or plan to cohabit, the only suggestion would be: Reconsider. No research has shown that cohabiting before marriage can improve relationship or boost further marital satisfaction

A wise course of action is to presume that your intent to live together is already a sign that relationship or personal problems are being overlooked or minimized. Your best bet is to address those problems squarely while living apart.