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Radhika Thapar


About ME

Radhika is the owner and mentor of Fertility Law Care (FLC). It was launched nearly five years back in Feb 2012 and before also that Radhika was working as a partner with another firm. There are five employees as of date .

Under this firm they cover medico legal aspects related to women and children including surrogacy, fertility preservation, stem cell, IVF, parental rights and other related issues. They have handled over 1500/2000 cases if not more of surrogacy/ IVF in a span of nearly ten years and have leading doctors and hospitals as their clients .

Radhika is the Legal Secretary of the Indian society of Assisted Reproduction (ISAR) which has around 1900 doctors as members and also of INSTAR (INDIAN SOCIETY FOR THIRD PARTY ASSISTED REPRODUCTION).

She has received Justice RP Khosla Scholarship during masters program in Law.

She was invited to deliver a note on surrogacy at National Conference on a 'Policy Dialogue on issues around surrogacy in India ' conducted by CSR India.

She was awarded certificate of excellence on auspicious Women's day by Delhi chapter of Isar

She has written a chapter on legal issues in FERTILITY PRESERVATION IN CANCER PATIENTS in the book Authored by a senior doctor and launched by Sh. Arvind Kejriwal last year.

She has also been interviewed/ called as an expert by several national dailies and national media including NDTV, CNBC , DD NEWS, Aaj Tak on issues like Medical termination of pregnancy, women empowerment, surrogacy, child issues.