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Poonam Shah

Makeup Artist

About ME

Poonam is an MBA holder. She worked with JP Morgan chase, but soon  felt the need to work freely. Since she has always loved makeup and  colours, she made a switch to makeup artistry.

She is now owner at Poonam Shah’s Professional Makeup and Hairstyling.  Before this, she was a freelance stylist and artist. But five years of  freelancing had led her to realize the importance of working with a  good team of hairdressers. So, she started her own company and now has  an excellent team of professionals. She is a proud businesswoman and  gladly shares everything she knows with her team.

She considers herself very fortunate to have worked with Anjali Arjun  Kapoor and other celebrities for personal family portrait shoots. She  has also done numerous catalogue shoots for several saree exporters in  Surat.

Filled with positivity about the future of makeup artistry in India,  Poonam believes that besides hard work, staying up to date, adapting  to changing trends and an uncompromising USP are the essentials to  being successful.

She also adds that one must let his/her work speak for  himself/herself. A good artist will be noted eventually and does not  need to chase fame or glory.

website: http://www.poonamshahsmakeup.com/

FranklyMe: http://frankly.me/PoonamMUA - @PoonamMUA