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Petricia Priyanka


About ME

Priyanka is a fitness athlete and trainer. She has fought issues like  over weight, eating disorders, depression, health scares to reach her  fitness goals. She presently trains many women like her and also  appears for motivational talks and seminars at many corporates.

With her hard work, commitment and dedication, Priyanka managed to  shed 38 kgs and is now training to compete in national level fitness  meets.

Her journey into this transformation didn’t come easy. Battling health  issues on one hand, Priyanka also had to juggle between a graveyard  shift at her workplace and the gym. However, her sheer focus and  determination helped her pull through and emerge successful. You have  to got to have to the ‘Eye of a tiger’ if you want to succeed.

She claims that the simple science behind her transformation  a  lifestyle change in the form of food , sleep patterns , determined  mind set and change in the work out patterns.

Follow Priyanka on her FB. She  regularly posts motivational quotes, fitness tips and even diet charts.