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Zumba Fitness Trainer/Choreographer/Dancer

About ME

Nidarshana is a licensed ZIN and a full-time Zumba instructor who lives in Hyderabad. Nidarshana was working at Google India Pvt Ltd when she was first introduced to the world of Zumba. Within just two months, she was in line to become a trainer and within six months she had started taking her own classes at RSUDC. She has also been a very popular dance instructor and performed in various shows with RSUDC (Ram's Step Up Dance Company).

When more opportunities came knocking on her door, she decided to quit her job at Google and pursue Zumba and dance full-time under own brand which is called 'Make A Move'. Launched in October 2014, Make A Move has conducted Zumba sessions for more than 500 clients and also conducted choreographies for Sangeet parties and other private events. Presently, Nidarshana conducts classes at Kris Gethin Gyms, Kothapet and Gold's Gym, Himayat Nagar.

She has participated in various Zumba events and also conducted very successful ones of her own at corporates like Wipro and Accenture. She was also featured in the New Indian Express, an English daily for quitting a secure and well-paying job at Google and pursuing her own venture. She has also been written about in Tulip, a leading Hyderabad-based magazine for her unique style and fun element in class. She now has three years of experience as a Zumba trainer and prides herself in her ability to mingle with all of her clients and make them feel comfortable at once.