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Mansi Padechia

Registered Dietician

About ME

Mansi Padechia, a registered dietician with more than half a decade of experience, runs a private practice named “Mansi Padechia Nutrition Clinic” in Mumbai. She specializes in therapeutic diet especially for problems like diabetes and cardiovascular issues along with weight management.

Her programme consists of promoting a healthy lifestyle through structured sessions and learning, individual specific plans and on-going support throughout the period. By the end of this programme you will have the tools and confidence to take charge of your health and successfully achieve your goals. Your self-awareness will greatly improve, and your increased knowledge of food, nutrition and exercise will help you to finetune them as per your needs.

RegA profound knowledge in nutrition, metabolism, chronic diseases and nutrition deficiencies has helped her to achieve excellent success rates and high customer satisfaction.

Mansi has also written articles for leading newspapers and magazines like Afternoon D &C , HT Brunch, Times of India and the B Positive magazine. She is also an avid blogger and has written for websites like Womens Planet. She conducts talks and seminars to educate the masses about health issues, occupational hazards and how to overcome them.

Read more about Mansi on her website www.mansipadechia.com.