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Dr. Anjali Agarwal


About ME

Dr. Anjali Agarwal is practising as consultant physiotherapist  specializing in musculoskeletal disorders, orthopaedics, ergonomics,  women's health. She presently consults at Ambicare Clinics, The Birthplace, Apollo Cradle and Continental Hospitals. She is also a lifestyle counsellor with over 16 years of work experience in her kitty.

Since she graduated in 2000, Dr. Anjali has done a lot in the field of physical health and wellness. She was trained both in India and the UK and has also worked there. Her notable achievements include conducting ergonomic assessments and workshops at various corporates, presenting a paper on geriatric rehabilitation at the University of Hyderabad, and demonstrating lamaze classes at Femina Women’s Hospital.

Dr. Anjali treats an array of issues pertaining to arthritis, back pain, women’s health, including pregnancy related back pain and other issues. She also conducts lamaze classes regularly, and administers sports medicine and geriatric care.

Pregnant women often refer Dr. Anjali as ‘The Doctor With Magic In Her Hands’. She is also certified in various areas of Life Support and Pain Management.