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About ME

In a nutshell I call myself my own favourite, and am well known for being an All-Rounder since my childhood. I hail from an Artistic Background and have been into various activities such as Modelling, Anchoring, Dance and Fitness Choreographies gaining an expertise at every step. My involvement in the industry began with requests from family and friends to assist with compering and coordinating events and over the years my passion has grown into a flourishing business where I now offer clientele a service filled with insight and knowledgeable input with a personal touch. I treat each event as though it were my own. Over the years I have worked for numerous reputable organisations and individuals within the country and have managed to please people of all ages, religions and ethnic groups.

My multifunctional abilities mean that I can be an entertainer, as well as be an eloquent and formal speaker, with ease and confidence. Sangeet and Dance choreographies has always been my forte. I became a fully accredited Zumba fitness instructor in September 2014 gaining my Exercise to Music qualification with Zumba Fitness, however I started with classical dancing at the age of 3 and have been attending Power Yoga and Shiamak's Special Potential Batch(SPB) classes for over 8 years! Since qualifying, I have been teaching Zumba in Most Club houses, Gyms and Dance Studios across the city. I feel that safety, enjoyment and inclusion all go hand in hand in a group exercise environment, and so I always offer multi-ability choices for participants. Hopefully, this ensures that everyone who is taking part has an option which will maximize their exercise experience. I am very much aware that each person has his own reason for coming to group exercise sessions and I try to encourage everyone on a general level by keeping motivational levels high.