Sakina Modi

Sakina Modi


About ME

Sakina Patrawala is a Registered Dietician and a Sports Nutritionist by profession. She is the proprietor of “ZEAL WELLNESS”- a venture to cater to people’s health goals. She is a specialist in Online Diet Consultation

She has successfully counselled and made a lot of clients achieve their health goals. Be it weight loss, weight gain or to combat any health issues, she has done wonders in counselling her patients towards the right path! She brings about a healthy lifestyle change among her clients, making their health journey extremely easy! She is also involved in nutrition seminars in schools and residential societies. She has also been an active judge in a cooking competition in a school.

Her academic accomplishments include a Graduation in Food Sciences and Nutrition, followed by a Post-Graduation in Food, Nutrition and Dietetics, both in College of Home Science, Nirmala Niketan.  After completing her RD Internship in the renowned K.E.M Hospital, she has cleared her RD Exam in the FIRST attempt!  Apart from this, she has done other certification courses related to nutrition like, Food processing and preservation, Sports Nutrition from K11 Fitness Academy, etc.

She has had the opportunity to work with leading health clubs, gyms and fitness centres. She has successfully trained a lot of nutritionist in her team via nutrition workshops and lectures! She was involved in online nutrition counselling via calls, emails and skype calls, thus, making her clients achieve their health goal successfully.  Today, she practices as a free lancing nutritionist at 3 different clinics in South Mumbai, who has her own beliefs and philosophies. With a wide range of expertise and skills in her field, she looks forward to offer her services wherever required.