About Us

Although most of us started believing in Positive Parenting, started speaking about PMS, Google to learn the ways to de-stress. However we still think visiting a Psychiatrist or a Psychologist is a taboo.

This selective approach towards learning, insights, evidence and resources constrains what we can achieve both individually and as a society.

We founded Truhap as a nonprofit in 2015, with the objective of discussing these interpersonal issues that are sensitive in nature and requires lot of guidance in helping them out.

Our Effort is to create that awareness, when and from where they can expect help when suffering from emotional trauma or any psychological issues.

Our aim is to bring the industry experts to share their experiences and guidance for those who need them most.

Let’s create a world of true happiness.

Our Team

Priyanka Naveen

Priyanka Naveen


Priyanka Naveen is the founder of She strongly believes that each and every individual must prioritise mental health as much as physical health. She has bachelor's degree in Aeronautical engineering and worked for Airbus and Boeing and later opted to pursue Masters in Clinical Psychology, Trained at Asha Hospitals and takes up consultation and corporate speech sessions. She is an avid reader and impactful public speaker.

Niharika Namagiri

Niharika Namagiri


Niharika is the co-founder of TruHap. She has worked as a Hardware Consultant at PSU. She has a graduate degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering and loves to make creative stuff during leisure time.